The Raqs Beledi Professional Troupe

Current members include our Waynesville Bellydance instructors. This troupe performs for weddings, birthday parties, book clubs, bridal and baby showers, fundraisers, gallery openings, bachelorette parties, dinner parties, and more.

The RaqShuraka Dance Company

RaqShuraka is our award winning theatrical bellydance student troupe directed by Meaghann Lynne. RaqShuraka means ‘to dance with sisters.’ This group of dancers tell stories through their dance and perform in dance festivals in Waynesville, Charlotte, Boone, Richmond, Knoxville, Asheville, Bryson City, and more.

Raqs Malaika

Raqs Malaika is our Collaborative Improvisational Tribal (CIT) festival troupe directed by Meaghann Lynne. Raqs Malaika means ‘to dance with angles.’ Malaika performs at street festivals throughout Western North Carolina. They develop their own collaborative aesthetic and unique CIT style while continuing to grow their repertoire.

Qamari Dance Collective

Qamari means ‘moon-like’ or ‘my moon’ in Arabic and is used as an expression for beauty. The Qamari Dancers are students and professional dance colleagues who work with artistic director Mahsati Janan to present historical and modern styled performances based on the stage and folkloric dances of theMiddle East, North Africa, and the Mediterranean.

Banat al-Qamar

Banat al-Qamar is the name of Mahsati Janan’s student dance troupe and means ‘daughters of the moon’. These beginning and intermediate level dancers currently study folkloric and stage styles of belly dance with Mahsati.

Mystic Tribal

A partnership between students Kelly and Trina, Mystic Tribal is our newest troupe and our studio’s very own American Tribal Style (ATS) ensemble.

Waynesville Bellydance at Raqs Beledi

84 N Main St,
Waynesville, NC 28786

Find us at the top of the stairs by Gallery 86!