Meaghann Lynne

Meaghann Lynne loves to teach as much as she loves to dance and perform. Both her Masters in Performance Studies and her Masters in Teaching inform her work as a dancer, teacher, and performer. She began studying movement and dance in 1996 and discovered bellydance in 2004. She is the director of Raqs Beledi’s award wining theatrical troupe, The RaqShuraka Dance Company, and Raqs Malaika, a Collaborative Tribal Style troupe. Meaghann is also the founder of the Hathor Sisterhood School of Bellydance curriculum. Her mission in dance for herself is to strengthen her heart and soul as well as her body. For her community of dancers, Meaghann aims to create a healthy, compassionate, and supportive place for women to come together and share in dance and friendship.


Tanya has enjoyed the art of bellydancing through learning, teaching and performing for more than 10 years. After teaching and rehearsing at various locations around Waynesville, she co-founded Raqs Beledi Bellydance Studio in 2007. This fulfilled her vision to provide a haven for women to come together for empowerment, fun, and exercise.

Mahsati Janan

Mahsati began her journey in belly dance in 1996 and has studied and performed throughout the US. She specializes in classical and modern Egyptian style, but also enjoys many other modern belly dance forms. She is available to teach workshops as well as private or group classes in Classical Egyptian, Middle Eastern Folkloric, Turkish, Lebanese, and techniques that are common to all styles. Mahsati’s educational background focuses on cultural traditions. Her anthropology background and research emphases are strongly represented in her classes and performances as you learn the history and traditions of this dance while enjoying yourself dancing. She currently directs the Qamari Dance Collective and troupe Banat al-Qamar and produces the highly successful stage show “Raqs Layali: A Night of Folkloric and Modern Belly Dance” featuring dancers from across the southeastern US showcasing multiple dance styles that influence or derive from the roots of belly dance.