Our award-winning theatrical bellydance company, directed by Meaghann Lynne and including the HSSBD Level III dancers, continues to impress audiences with a unique theatrical flair, creativity, dynamic storytelling, and distinctive dance style.

Our newest creation, “Sleep Isabella,” includes wicked carousel creatures and a set to die for, literally. Incorporating steampunk music, a Victorian carousel that lives off the souls it captures, and a story of a lost girl whose innocent carousel ride turns frighteningly tragic, this performance captures our troupes creative genius and has our fans yelling “Encore!”

"Barbarella" at Darkside of the Sun, 2012

We bought all the lamae from our local fabric store and transformed into 1960’s fembots for this one.

"Praan" at the United Belldance League Convention, 2012

Voted our “Most Inspirational Piece,” this performance told an unforgettable story of hope and love.

"Nasty" at the Asheville Bellydance Festival, 2012

Left, left – left, right, left!  Our drill sergeant marched us all the way to Asheville to deliver this martial performance.

"Raqs Zombie" at the BOHO Stage Show, 2011

In our debut performance piece, not only did we tear apart a fellow dancer in a ravenous rage and spill our zombie blood, we captured the hearts of our audience, building a fan base that follows us to this day.

Meaghann Lynne, Director/Choreographer

founded The RaqShuraka Dance Company in 2011 after being inspired by her awesomely talented and highly dedicated students.  She loves dancing with such exceptional women!


is a Level III HSSBD student and has been dancing with RaqShuraka since 2011.  No stranger to the fitness world, she originally sought belly dancing solely as a new exercise.  Bellydance quickly became a unique source of energy and renewal as well as a way to be part of an encouraging and loving community of empowering women.

Kelly, Assistant Director

has been dancing with Meaghann Lynne since 2011 and is a HSSBD Level III student. Dancing with The RaqShuraka Dance Company has strengthened her mind, body, and soul, and inspired “A Night of Dance,” a benefit for REACH of Haywood.  Kelly also performs with Mahsati Janan’s Quamari Dance Collective.


has been dancing with RaqShuraka since 2011.  She sarted belly dancing when her Zumba instructor moved away.  She had always been interested in this dance and when the opportunity presented itself, well, she took it and started dancing!   She has been dancing under Meaghann Lynne’s tutelage and is a HSSBD Level III student.


began dancing at Raqs Beledi in 2011.  She has always enjoyed staying fit with activities including running, cycling, aerobic dance, and yoga. Following her diagnosis and treatment for breast cancer, she decided to take a big leap and try bellydance. She has been dancing ever since!  Solita is a Level III HSSBD student.


is an instructor with Raqs Beledi and has been dancing for over 10 years.  She has been performing with The RaqShuraka Dance Company as a guest dancer since 2011 and became an official troupe member and costume consultant in 2013.  Nicole is a member of Mahsati Janan’s Quamari Dance Collective.