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Raqs Beledi Bellydance Studio offers dance classes for the fitness adventurer, hobby dancer, and professional dancer.

Our classes are full of women of all ages and sizes who laugh and move together.

We have a professional dance company, an award winning student company, and a new improv troupe.

Along with a variety of dance classes we offer workshops, custom built parties (bachelorette, birthday, baby shower, etc.), and performances (weddings, fundraisers, and more).


Meet the Instructors


Your instructors, Tanya, Nicole, and Meaghann Lynne


Meaghann Lynne:DSC_0993_3

Meaghann Lynne loves to teach as much as she loves to dance and perform.  Both her Masters in Performance Studies and her Masters in Teaching inform her work as a dancer, teacher, and performer.  She began studying movement and dance in 1996 and discovered bellydance in 2004.  Meaghann is now co-owner and instructor at Raqs Beledi Bellydance Studio in Waynesville, NC where she has been teaching since 2010.  She is the director of Raqs Beledi’s award wining theatrical troupe, The RaqShuraka Dance Company, and Raqs Malaika, an Improvisational Tribal Style troupe.  She is also the founder of the Hathor Sisterhood School of Bellydance curriculum.  Meaghann is a dancer with Raqs Beledi’s professional troupe and Mahsati Janan’s Qamari Dance Collective.  Her mission in dance for herself is to strengthen her heart and soul as well as her body. For her community of dancers, Meaghann aims to create a healthy, compassionate, and supportive place for women to come together and share in dance and friendship.  Learn more about Meaghann Lynne.






Tanya has enjoyed the art of bellydancing through learning, teaching and performing for more than 10 years. After teaching and rehearsing at various locations around Waynesville, she co-founded Raqs Beledi Bellydance Studio in 2007. This fulfilled her vision to provide a haven for women to come together for empowerment, fun, and exercise.









Nicole is one of the founding members of Raqs Beledi Bellydance Studio and has been dancing and teaching at the studio since its inception.  She has been studying bellydance for over 10 years and continues to learn more and more.  Her goal in teaching is to bring both the beauty of the dance and the challenge of physical fitness to her classes.  In her classes she incorporates strength training into traditional dance moves.  She is also a Visual Arts instructor and has been teaching in the public schools for over 13 years.  Nicole teaches adult craft classes supporting bellydance needs and interests.  She enjoys performing with  Raqs Beledi and Mahsati Janan’s Qamari Dance Collective. She is a dancer and the costume consultant with the award wining theatrical troupe, The RaqShuraka Dance Company.


Come dance with us!




“I found a wonderful teacher, a chance to perform, and some awesome friends at Raqs Beledi Bellydance Studio.  I also found myself.  Becoming a bellydancer has meant a lot more than just dancing to me.  Not only have I lost weight and become stronger in my core, I have gained friendship, confidence, and a whole new outlook on life.  I have gone from dancing in my living room with a TV to dancing in professional shows all around the state.  Through the community of dancers at Raqs Beledi, I learned there are truly good people in this world.  It has been a wonderful experience and I can’t wait to discover what the future holds for me in dance!”  Kelly, HSSBD Level 3 student  


Come dance with us!

 We offer a wide array of classes to meet your exercise and dance needs.  Our classes are full of women laughing and growing stronger in body, mind, and soul.  Come let your guard down, try something new, give yourself some time away from the stresses of life, and just dance.

First class is free!


“I sometimes put off trying new things because it seems intimidating walking into a room full of strangers to take a class.  I am so glad I found my way to Raqs Beledi’s classes.  All of them I have ever taken are full of ladies who are full of joy and zest for life and are so friendly and welcoming you will probably feel right at home just like I did.”  Carissa, HSSBD Level 2 student 

Class Descriptions

Class Schedule



Hathor Sisterhood School of Bellydance 




















About Us



Our bellydance studio is nestled in the majestic mountains of Western North Carolina in the heart of Waynesville’s historic downtown.  We have a private studio in which we promote health, fitness, creativity, self-expression, community, and friendship.  We create a drama free, relaxing, and safe space for our students to gather and experience the ancient heritage of women who have been coming together to dance for centuries.



Meet our instructors


Learn about our theatrical bellydance troupe, The RaqShuraka Dance Company

Join us in celebrating our newest ensemble, Raqs Malaika

100_2836Come dance with us!




“There is no other place in the world like Raqs Beledi Bellydance Studio where I feel so comfortable, so loved, and so accepted for just being me.” Jo Ann, HSSBD Level II student



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